Everett Bennett
Milford, Delaware

Only in Delaware.....
As near as I have been able to determine from family information, registration number 812 was assigned to a new car that was purchased in 1938.  My great grandfather purchased the car with that tag number and it has been in the family ever since.  After his death in 1942, the tag went to my grandmother and she had the tag until about 1974.  As she was no longer able to drive, she transferred the tag to me.  She had the tag for about 32 years and I have displayed it since.
I had heard from a couple of family members that my great grandfather also had another tag.  Apparently, he purchased a second car a few years later and the registration number for that car was 8120.  Since he passed away a short time later, many in the family either did not remember or were unaware of the tag.  At his death, the tag went to another family member.  Sometime in the years to follow it was "lost."  When I learned of the story of 8120, I started searching and found the tag in Middletown about 1978.  After I related the family story to the owner, a trade was made and 812 and 8120 were "together" again.  Sue proudly displays 8120 on her car with one of the special lighthouse tags as a tribute to her great grandfather, Willard H. Hall.  He was a
lighthouse keeper for several lighthouses in Delaware with the  
Delaware Breakwater East End Lighthouse in Lewes being the
main one.
Many years ago, I noticed T812 on a grain trailer from Dover.  After I purchased my utility trailer recently, I had an opportunity to stop in the farm office and inquire about the tag.  After all of the years, they still had it.  I explained how I had first seen the tag back in the 80's and that I had 812 and 8120.  The tag could not be purchased, but a number trade was made and I was elated to obtain T812 for my trailer.  Now, when I am pulling the trailer, T812 is hooked up to 812.
After an opportune chain of events, I was fortunate to discover that MC 812 had recently become available.  Without any delay, I quickly obtained it and placed it on my motorcycle.  (see also under "Pastimes" tab) 
Some other related tags.....
A friend of mine has C8120 on his pick-up.
I observed PC812 going northbound on Route 1 in mid-February, 2012.  I hope to find the owner and get a better picture.  This picture is an improved PhotoShop version of a not so good snapshot shown at right.
After I obtained 8120, I was thinking the next logical tag would be 81200 to complete the "set."  I found it in Selbyville and had it for quite a few years.  Because of a mix-up at DMV, I "lost" it.  As a result of the mix-up, it was re-issued and the "new" owner resides in the Milford area.  I spoke to them briefly and they related how they got the tag.   
I also have this tag although it has nothing to do with an 812 number.  The only minor significance here is that 35 was my basketball jersey number and 14 was my baseball uniform number in high school.  Our daughter is displaying it currently on her vehicle.
912 is owned by long time family friends.  Many years ago, the two vehicles were in our driveway and I took a picture of the two tags parked together.  I finally found the picture that was taken about 1977 and have added it below.
Check out more photos of three digit tags by
After much searching, I found this tag on a tow truck in the Bethany Beach area.  Interestingly enough the business was also owned by a BENNETT, but no relation.  My daughter reported having seen this tag and the number caught her eye  with the combination of BENNETT as well.
I found the Farm Truck FT812 near Leipsic.  Strange as it may seem, it was found just a few miles from where I located T812.
I have displayed this tag since about 1993 while working for the company.
This is a new license plate just recently released in Delaware for Civil Air Patrol members.  The one pictured at left was one of the first ones issued and I was fortunate to receive CAP 35 in the first "batch."  CAP 812 will be a long time coming since they are starting with CAP 1 that is displayed by the Delaware Wing Commander.  (See also "C.A.P." tab.)
Some observed related variations....
Dealer Tag 812 was "captured" in the Dover area by Jordan I.
A "RADAR" number
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8120 in St. Maartin
I happened to see these 812 tags in St. Thomas within about 20 minutes.
From other States (not observed)
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