Everett Bennett
Milford, Delaware


Bachelor of Science, Agriculture, BS, University of Delaware
Master of Business Administration, MBA, Wilmington University
Master of Science, Human Resources Management, MS, Wilmington University
Chartered Life Underwriter, CLU, American College
Registered Health Underwriter, RHU, American College
Registered Employee Benefits Consultant, REBC, American College
Group Benefits Associate, GBA, Wharton School and IFEBP
Professional Membership:

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers 

Previous Experiences:

Insurance Sales Managem​ent - AFLAC - 20 Years

Program Director - Delaware State 4-H Camp – 8 Years - held at Camp Barnes

Assistant Professor – University of Delaware – 5 Years
Agricultural Engineering Technology Classes - Courses taught: Electricity,
Hydraulics, FORTRAN Applications, Project Economic Analysis, Structures, HVAC

Charter Pilot – Seaboard Air Charter – 3 Years
Flights for River Pilots of the Delaware Bay and River Pilots Association

Agricultural Engineer – 20 Years
Sales and Installation of Automated Dairy Farm Equipment


Certified SCUBA Open Water Diver
Member National Association Rocketry (NAR) with Level 1 High Power Certification.

38th Artillery Brigade          Air Defense Artillery Center
         Korea                             Fort Bliss, Texas
Air Defense Artillery
   Branch Insignia
Military  and Moon Landing - 50 Years ago.
When the Apollo 11 Moon Landing was taking place, I was stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas after having returned from Korea.  During a recent visit to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, I took some pictures of the missiles that I worked with during my ARMY time.  The HAWK missiles, launcher and Loader-Transporter are on display at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.  It has been 50 years, since I worked with these missiles, and it was nice to see them.  Here are some of the pictures taken while I was at Space Camp.

This is a picture of our unit's missiles in Korea.
Here is a picture of a former Firing Platoon Leader and Tactical Control Officer with the HAWK missile and Launcher along with the Saturn V display of the type used for the Apollo 11 Mission in July, 1969.
A large part of my youth was growing up on the farm.  I have decided  to add some farm related pictures in this section.  Some will be old and some will be current.  Also, I grew up in the 4-H program.  I have a separate website that relates to my 4-H camp days:  howhow4h.com
This a picture of a mobile viner used to harvest Lima beans and peas.  The viner went in the field, loaded the crop at the back, shelled the crop (behind the white curtain) and collected beans or peas on the platform on truck.  There was a similiar stationary viner where the crop had to be loaded and hauled to the viner.  My job was to drive the truck and keep it on the row.  I was probably 10 or 11 at the time.
This is a file photo and not our farm.  However, it represents how we used to harvest same grains.  A tractor pulled the combine which cut and harvested the grain.  The grain was transferred by an auger to where the person is standing.  The operator on the platform had to bag the grain, tie the bag and place it on the incline chute as shown.  When you passed a drop-off point, (typically the corner of the field) the bags were released.  My job was to be the "bagger."  The job was done.  At the end of the day,  all of the bags were picked up and loaded on a truck.  Long days and dusty work.
Another file photo that is similar to our farm.  During corn picking, the ears were elevated into a hopper bottom wagon.  When the wagon was full, the wagon was disconnected from picker and another tractor pulled it to the corn crib.  At the corn crib, the wagon was emptied using an elevator to put the corn in the crib.  The empty wagon was returned to the field to change for a full one for what seemed to be a never ending cycle.  I was the Farmall tractor driver that shuttled the wagons to the field and unloaded them at the corn crib.
Corn Harvest 2021 - Drone pictures providing a birdseye view of farming.
.U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery – HAWK Missile - Captain
 Served as Firing Platoon Leader, Tactical Control Officer and Executive Officer
TAC Site A 7-2 Korea
.Battery Control