Everett Bennett
Milford, Delaware

Civil Air Patrol Volunteer

Qualifications:      Mission Pilot
                               Mission Observer
                               Mission Scanner
                               CAP Flight Instructor
                               CAP Check Pilot
                               Airborne Photographer
                               Ground Team Leader
                               Mission Radio Operator
New Delaware CAP License Plate  (see "Tags.")
One of my hobbies is model rockets. I have taught model rocketry classes at our State 4-H Camp and I have worked with cadets in the Civil Air Patrol.  A friend (also an Aerospace Education officer) was in need for a more advanced rocket launcher.  After some discussion about how she might be able to get a launcher like mine, I offered to build one for her use.  What started out as a drawing on a napkin, is now finished and is quite a launcher. The ideas just continued to come to mind and were incorporated.  Since it was an ongoing design process, a number of changes happened before the final design was determined.  The pictures will tell the story better.  The project has been named by the person that will be using the launcher.  The serial number for this launcher is SN: BRB # 001.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Diagram of launcher support
Carpentry work done
Front view of 3-rod launcher - red and yellow tubes on left are safety protectors for launch rods. 
Back view of launcher - rod retainer is shown for use when storing rods.
One of the supports showing the connecting cable in the stowed position.  Device at right is for elevation adjustment.
The Launch Control Panel is housed within an ordinary toolbox.
Control Panel showing internal battery power pack.
​Control Panel opened showing the underside wiring.
Wiring schematic of Control Panel
Drawn by ECBennett
Finished Control Panel with serial numbered plate
One very special hand-crafted scratch built model rocket launcher
A model rocket lifts off from pad #2 during the inaugural launch day for the new launcher.
A Viking rocket lifts off from pad #2 on the inaugural launch day.  Two other Vikings await their turn on pads #1 and #3.
Current major project is designing an exhibit for Fort Miles Museum regarding Civil Air Patrol during operations from Rehoboth Beach Airfield during World War II.