Everett Bennett
Milford, Delaware

This page will have some of my activities that I do for fun and relaxation.
I love playing volleyball! These shots were taken at an adult co-ed league sponsored by the Milford Parks and Recreation Department. I seem to have the honor of being the oldest participant playing and, in some cases, I am three times the age of others. It feels good to be competitive with them.
Playing Volleyball
Riding the Goldwing
 The center picture is from the sales brochure.
Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska                                       Glacier Bay,Alaska                                           Mount McKinley, Alaska
Cruising in Saint Thomas, V.I.
Allure of the Seas in Bahamas.
My dad, who also had an interest in organ music, completely restored a pipe organ from a local church in 1965 - 1966.  He reassembled it and it was available for all of the family.  Originally, this organ was completely pneumatic, but had been converted to electro-pneumatic when the console was moved away from the front of the pipe racks.  The console was relocated to the right of the pipes as pictured.  Previously, the console was located in the area where the square panel is in the picture below the shorter pipes.  The top of the of tallest pipes is 15 feet from floor.
Hammond Home Organ Console used for videos that I have traded.
Playing the organ
Playing Angry Birds and now Candy Crush
OK, I have to admit that I am hooked on playing Angry Birds.  So far, I have three stars in every segment.
Flying   (see "Aviation" tab)
Explorer of the Seas - Labadee,Haiti
In St. Thomas, V.I. again
Saint Maarten
Waves breaking at Labadee, Haiti
Independence of the Seas at Labadee, Haiti
Disney Fantasy at Cast-Away Cay, Bahamas
Cast-Away Cay, Bahamas from the Fantasy.
The newest challenge is that of CANDY CRUSH.  I am up to #380 with three stars each for the regular game and up to #65 with three stars each for the Otis Owl portion.
Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas in Labadee, Haiti at left and Bermuda at right.
Two of the most famous structures at Walt Disney World
Also enjoy playing Word with Friends.
Organ Solo:  How Great Thou Art
Make sure your speakers are on for audio.
I recently completed my ninth visit to The U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama that is home for SPACE CAMP.  I will be adding some pictures from these activities which will include both past and present visits.
This picture of our group was taken in October 1988 during my second visit to Space Camp.  Many of the group became friends during the previous year as we called ourselves the Banana River Bunch.  More "members" were added to the group during the second year.
This year, we attended a Space version the "Family Camp,"  where at least one adult attends with the young "camper."  In our case, we had the parents and a grandparent attending. The asterisks marks our family.
This is my new "hybrid" organ.  It is a basic traditional organ with the new digital technology added in the upper keyboard.   All I have to do now is learn how to use it.
We attended the Family Space Camp in May 2019.  Here is a picture of father and daughter on an EVA (Extravehicular Activity) and the smiles on the grandchildren.  They already are planning for a return as they look at 2019 Program Guide.  (below)
Here is a group picture of a return of the "Banana River Bunch."  The traditional cake has a picture of our mission patch. 
Here is a special picture of our group.  It was taken with Charlie Duke (center) and that is the Apollo 16 Command Module behind us.  Charlie Duke was the Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 16 and that is the Command Module that took him the Moon and Back.  He was the tenth man to "walk on the Moon."  The autograph says:  "To Everett  Long live the Bananas   Charlie Duke."
Here is a picture our team for the Aviation Challenge part of Space Camp.
One of the really fun things that we did during the second year of Aviation Challenge was Air-to-Air combat. The flying was real, but the guns were not.   The planes had laser beams connected to trigger as "guns" along with sensors.   When the sensors detected a beam from the other aircraft, an alarm sounded and a tone was heard in the headset.  A neat "trick" for this was to switch cameras with the other pilot, so that after the flight, you had your picture on your camera.
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