Everett Bennett
Milford, Delaware

This page shows some pictures of my favorite hobbies.
Live Steam Engine Models
A twin cylinder vertical marine type engine 6" high
This is a horizontal stationary engine 11" long
This is a 1" scale model of a 65 H.P.Case traction engine 21" long
One of my interesting hobbies is working scale models of steam engines.  Of special interest is the actual making of the models from raw castings.  My dad got me interested as he built several including the beam engine pictured at left.  The model is 11 inches high with a flywheel diameter of 7 inches.    He also built the vertical engine on the right side of the picture.  It takes a lot of lathe work. 
Building Scale Models
I also enjoy building scale models from kits, whether it be balsa airplanes or plastic models or old sailing vessels.
"Cutty Sark"
"H.M.S. Bounty"
"U.S.S. Constitution" (Old Ironsides)
Stearman PT-17 Trainer
These are pictures of a 2" scale model of the 65 H.P.Case Steam traction engine.  It is about four feet long and has enough power to pull the operator on a cart.
This is a 4 inch dia. High Power model rocket that is 6 feet long.  It has flown twice to about 3,500 feet.
I enjoy taking pictures.  I have taken many of the pictures on the website and I am trying to improve.  I recently took an online photography refresher course.  I have also completed a class to become somewhat proficient with the PhotoShop software.  Today's digital photography is a lot of fun.  I am using the Canon 60D body and hope to become a "good" amateur photographer.  Some samples follow.
A student pilot after her first flight lesson.
"On final" inside an advanced flight simulator.
In a canyon - Zion National Park, Utah
* * * * * *
Serene Stream
Ice Show - No Flash Photography
El Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico
I enjoy building things with wood.  See "Projects" tab for most recent completed items.
Verrazano Narrows Bridge
New York City
 Grand Canyon - Arizona
Walt Disney World flower show at EPCOT
B-25 "Panchito" based at Sussex County Airport
The three different pictures above were combined to make an interesting photo.
A fun example of PhotoShop "MAGIC"
This is a 38" model of the HAWK air defense missile under construction.
Waves breaking at Labadee, Haiti
Disney Fantasy at St. Maartin
Disney Fantasy at night
Sunset in Lower Delaware
Collecting Disney Pins (the most recent hobby)
During a visit to Disney World a few years ago, I seem to have become fascinated with some of the Disney Pins.  It started with trying to get a few pins of the "Goofy" character.  One pin especially seems to sum it up for me (as shown at right).  From there, things just started to "grow."  One has to be selective because there are so many pins, it could soon become overwhelming.  As a result, I have limited myself to very specific topics.
Tinkerbell pins.
The 9 pins across the bottom are a complete Mystery Tin collection.
Goofy pins
What I think is interesting about this collection is that Goofy is portrayed doing a lot of activities that I like; baseball, motor scooters, construction, photography, farming, marching band, and volleyball.  Goofy flying is not shown as that is another whole frame.
A soon-to-be Flight Attendant experiences her first flight in a small plane.  She got to fly and held 1,400 feet very well.  The smile is a clue of how much she enjoyed the experience.
(Added note:  She has completed training and is now a Flight Attendant for a major airline.)
Sunset at Silver Lake (Milford)
Antelope Slot - Arizona
Hula Hoops on Ice.  No flash photography
El Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Scenes from Walt Disney World including "Claire DeLune" from the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue
Soybean harvest at farm - 2016
Pictures that follow are some recent pictures.
Liberty of the Seas, San Juan, PR